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Use the search box to find a church or charge within the Presbytery of Lothian and the Borders. The results of your search will be listed below after you press Enter/Return and the map will adjust to zoom in on the first matching church or charge. You may click on other items in the search results to zoom in to that location. If the result has an associated web or Facebook page then a clickable globe will appear to the right of the result.

You may use the + and - buttons in the top left corner of the map to zoom in and out and the arrow buttons in the top right corner to move up, down, left and right within the map.

For many places you may hover over that place (or church symbol) to see what the church or charge is. In many cases you may click or tap in order to view the web page (or Facebook page) for that charge or church.

As you zoom in you will initially see charges, parishes and/or churches represented by a number. In this case a Map Key will appear below showing the name of the charge, parish or church which corresponds to the number. If you continue to zoom in eventually the numbers will be replaced by the name of these charges, parishes or churches. If you feel that the map is too cluttered you may hide elements using the tick boxes in the Key Features panel below.

Please note that the lines (roads and parish/charge boundaries) on the map are representative rather than necessarily 100% accurate. The same applies to the locations of individual churches.

Map Features

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